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Click image below to see art work submitted by local kids, family and friends of local saltwater deep sea fish species targeted by San Diego sport boats.

6-Pack Boats - Here's my growing list of 6-pack sport fishing charters I have had good success with. From a father and son or daughter, up to person charter.


Whale Watching out of San Diego, Orange County, LA, Oxnard and surrounding areas

Every year between November and April the multiple species of whales makes theirannual migration to Baja, Mex.. at  Magdalena Bay ("Mag Bay"). California Gray, Blue, Minke, Humpback and even Orca "Killer Whales" all can be spotted on any day from the San Diego/Mexico Border North throughout Southern California to Point Conception. Other wildlife including a plethora of Dolphin and Porpoise species, Seals and Sea Lions can also be spotted.

The same Southern California Sportfishing Landings that offer deep sea fishing trips offer Whale Watching Trips often on the same boats during their off season. Whale Watching trips are a great way to test sea legs, have a chance to ride on a sportfishing vessel you've been meaning to try all while having a relaxing and fact filled day on the water with family, friends and co-workers. Most vessels are available for private charter for your group as well.

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San Diego - San Diego Bay

H&M Landing
H&M Landing Blue Whale Cruises
H&M Landing 11 Day Whale Watching Adventure!
H&M Landing 3 Hour Whale Watching Trip
H&M Landing 6 Hour Coronado Island's Whale Watching Adventure
H&M Landing Floating Lab and Dive Trip October through June for local schools!

Point Loma Sportfishing
(619) 223-1627

San Diego - Mission Bay

Seaforth Landing
Seaforth Whale Watching Info
Seaforth Whale Watching Trips Website

Orange County/LA

Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching - Dana Wharf Sportfishing not only offers daily fishing trips but also some excellent whale watching for individuals and groups. Southern California offers excellent opportunities to see a wide variety of whale species during their annual migration to the rich waters of Baja, Mexico. Call 949-496-5794 for more info

Davey's Locker Sportfishing Landing - Los Angeles whale watching and fishing with Davey's Locker. Davey's Locker is the whale watching and deep sea fishing provider for the greater Los Angeles area. Davey's Locker's ocean activities include year round deep sea fishing trips, year round whale watching cruises, and tours in the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Davey's Locker has provided whale watching and deep sea fishing trips for over 30 years

Channel Island's/Santa Barbara

Channel Island's Sportfishing Center and Whale Watching - Very friendly and experienced staff over at CISCO's can put you on the right boat for you or your group. Whether Sportfishing or Whale Watching Trips during your Southern California Vacation or for area locals, Channel Island's Sportfishing and Whale Watching has a vessel for your needs.

Ranger 85 (out of CISCO's) Whale Watching Trips Facebook Page
Ranger 85 Whale Watching Trips - New website

Rob Mailly

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Dana Wharf Sportfishing and WHale Watching

Southern California Fish Counts - fish counts from all Southern California boats and landings.

Southern California Sport Boats and Landings with a Facebook page - All in one place the power of social networking for the sportfishing fleet has been awesome. If you don't see your boat listed email me.

Boat profiles for every sportfishing boat in the San Diego private charter and open party fleet.

San Diego Sport Boat Profiles - All San Diego sport boats are now listed on this site in one place for easy access to any San Diego boat's contact info, spec's, web site, etc..

Yellowtail Fishing Tips - Article Rob wrote filled with tips and techniques how to catch Yellowtail from San Diego boats.

Difference between a Yellowtail and a Yellowfin Tuna - Yellowtail fish species off San Diego and Baja often get confused with Tuna fish. The main difference between the two fish.. read more

How-To "Yo-Yo" Iron for Yellowtail (Jack family not Tuna) - Just in time for this year's early and hot Yellowtail bite this is a must know technique when all the Yellow's are taking in the deep water column is Heavy Iron (local So Cal popular style for catching Yellow's.

New - Solunar Table Specifically for San Diego. I was raised fishing the San Diego shores with my pops trusting when to fish and countless successful days on the water that seemed like a worthy tool for when to fish and hunt. My pops always seemed to get it right when to expect any bite to be hottest. I trust it enough to buy the service for this site and the fisherman who visit I am so grateful. There are many reasons fish bite - or not - and this year we can use all the help we can get.

San Diego Sport fishing on a Budget - Article about discounts available with links, how to save money when planning or booking a trip and online printable discounts for half-day, three-quarter day or others.