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"What to bring on a San Diego deep sea fishing trip." Now with tackle pics from Rob's tackle box.

Half-Day and Three-Quarter Day Tackle List - a lot can happen on these popular daily fishing trips, leave the dock prepared for not only what IS biting but what MAY bite. Here's my basic tackle suggestions.

Half-day sportfishing out of San Diego and So Cal - Details of a half-day fishing trip including general prices. These sportfishing trips are a lot of fun and my personal favorite way to get out on the water and get the lines wet and target the plethora of local species along the Southern California coast.

Overnight to 2 Day Tuna Trip Tackle List - Here's a list of my suggested tackle to take along on your seasonal Tuna trip.

San Diego Open Party Trip Fishing Basics - Here's how to make the most of your time when fishing from the popular open party sport fishing boats.

Fish Processing - You just arrived back at the dock with all this fish now what?

Southern California Sportfishing Trip Types - Local lingo and definitions every angler should know when booking a sportfishing trip out of Southern California landings.

Seasonal Fish Targets - Year round fish targets chart for San Diego and all Southern California.

Interactive Charts - Interactive Southern California charts with boat ramp, marina and nav aide info. Handy interactive tool with route planning to get an idea of where you will be fishing. Not for navigation but handy for trip planning.

Sea Sickness Article - Here's a brief article I put together on preventing sea sickness. Sea conditions can change in a matter of hours from flat calm seas to "spin cycle" as commonly called during tuna season. Be prepared by always taking something along to help in the event you or anyone in your group becomes sea sick while out fishing.

Hello Rob, My name is Phil C. Thanks for your website. I came across it last spring when I went looking for a 6 pack to charter. I ended up chartering The Reward for a 3 day trip in mid-July last year. We had a great time and I set up another trip for this coming July. Unfortunately I just got called today and was told that Kevin decided to sell the boat and cancelled all his trips. So I’m back in the market for a 6 pack. I’ave looked at both the Go For Broke and the Prime Time. Just wondered if you had any more information than what their website's provide. We’re looking to do another 3 day trip. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for following up with me to see how it went. The fishing from San Diego was AWESOME! With your help, I was able to take a ½ day on the Premier on Sunday. A 1.5 on the Condor, Wednesday night through Friday morning and another ½ day on the Premier on Friday afternoon. Had it not been for your great guidance, I would have never been able to start, let alone complete three trips." Darrell H.

Southern California seasonal fish target chart and Fish Species Description (scroll below)

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