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San Diego Sportfishing

Sportfishing San Diego Latest Report - Open Party & Private Charter Find a Boat for your Fishing Trip

Sea Adventure Sportfishing - H&M Landing San Diego

Sea Adventure Sportfishing has deep sea fishing trips departing daily from H&M Landing and available for any size group charter as well. If you have a group up to 30+ size Sea Adventure a boat to fit your fishing goals with full galley and seating serving hot & cold food and beverage and bunks for longer trips.

Oceanside Deep Sea Fishing

Fish Oceanside's popular Electra with Captain Joey Helgren. Sportfishing trips run daily out of Oceanside Harbor.

Best Time To Buy Best Accurate & Avet Fishing Reels for San Diego Tuna & Yellowtail

The Accurate Boss Single Speed Boss Series X Single Speed or for turning bigger gamefish the BX-2 Series. Both Accurate Boss 400x, 500x or 600x have huge 6:1 ratio great for popular Southern California - San Diego deep "Yo-Yo" technique where dropping deep and cranking in at blazing speeds trigger the Yellowtail bite. Spend the money for an Accurate or Avet one piece aluminum body work horse reels for San Diego gamefish like we witnessed in 2015!

Accurate Boss Valiant Fishing Reel

This years Black Friday favorite of mine is a reel every Southern California angler needs in their mix of rods and reels. Help support if you buy one of these reels by making purchases from Amazon. I've searched and selected my local favorites for San Diego and SoCal sportfishing where diversity and several rod/reel combos come in handy when on a moments noticed you 60-80# Bluefin Tuna show up at the side of the boat. Here's some Amazon reel deals I found for Accurate.

Sea Adventure Sportfishing - H&M Landing

Father and son Chuck and Steve Taft today on a crew trip just caught Wahoo on their overnight sportfishing trip out of San Diego. Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail are still biting within one day range (1.5 day always best for night bite). Go to Sea Adventure Sportfishing Website for schedules and online booking or contact Rob here for charters

Let Rob Help Plan Your Fishing Charter

Use our concierge rush service and we will help find a boat with an open date for your open party spot or private charter. I've helped numerous groups find a last minute spot on an open party Sportfishing trip and countless 6-pack fishing charters out of San Diego. It's worth a few bucks to make sure the right boat is matched to your group or spot.

Saltwater Fishing Reels on eBay Good for San Diego/SoCal

Here are  I found on eBay


Channel Islands Sportfishing Specials and Discounts:

Catching Yellowtail Using heavy Iron Yo-Yo Style

We've heard it a lot this year bring heavy iron for jigging for Yellowtail so here's a article I wrote of some tips how to catch Yellowtail by yo yo heavy jigs if you are unfamiliar with what this means. Some trips it's the only fish landing others they seem to hit about anything. Posted by Rob

Rob's Favorite Reels for Long, Smooth Casts

Prime Time 6-pack Open Dates Book Now

Open Dates: Call Mark 619-997-9954 - Don't wait for this rare opportunity to get out fishing the best season off San Diego in years. Or for a small fee let Rob find a open trip.

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Prime Time Sportfishing San Diego Monday Sept. 30, 2013 -

Hi Mark, We just wanted to thank you and Prime Time crew (Brandon, Blair and Bobby) for a great time. We look forward to making this an annual event or more frequent. I have attached some photos. You will see by the smiles on everyone faces that we had a great time. Your crew took great care with my 14 year old son, Kevin, as he spent about 1.5 hours reeling in a 50 lbs. Blue Fin tuna. Thank you Prime Time Crew!


Ken, Kyle and Uncle Louie