Calico Bass Q and A with CA Dept. of Fish and Game - Facts about Calico Bass

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Calico Bass Q and A with CA Dept. of Fish and Game

I recently asked a few questions about the state of the Calico Bass fishery off San Diego and Southern California with other interesting details on growth rate and how to release a Calico Bass if and angler chooses to do so. Don't get me wrong, these are my favorite fish for fish taco's and typically keep all legal fish to my limit, however I don't like to keep females or larger fish important to the health of the species. I don't advocate either way, this is purely informational and thought it would be interesting reading for my website viewers. For more info and Rob's tips how to land more of the elusive Calico Bass I wrote an article on the fish.

Hello Mr. Mailly,
DFG marine biologist Erica Jarvis provided the following responses to your questions:

Are Calico Bass (Kelp Bass) officially endangered or at risk of endangered due to slow growth?
Kelp bass are not officially endangered. Recent Department analyses on the basses indicate that bass populations are depressed, in part due to cooler than average sea surface temperatures over the last decade and harvest impacts. The Department is currently proposing an increase in the minimum size limit, a bag limit reduction, and a barred sand bass partial spawning season closure. The Fish and Game Commission is holding a discussion hearing on the proposed bass regulations on August 8th, 2012 in Ventura; for more information please visit the following links: and

What is the average age per inch of Calico Bass?
A 12 inch kelp bass is about 5 years old; the average 10 year-old kelp bass is about 18 inches total length.

What is average weight per inch?
Kelp bass weight can vary across individuals. We do know that a 14.5 pound kelp bass caught off Newport Beach in 1995 was 27 years old, while a 9.5 pound fish caught at San Clemente Island in 1993 was 34 years old.

What is best way to release a bull or female Calico Bass? (these are 2 fish of any species I do not keep)
Always try to handle the fish with wet hands or a wet rag to minimize damage to the protective slime coat. Remove the hook carefully with pliers and try to avoid dropping the fish on the deck. Keep exposure time out of the water to a minimum. For more tips on how to safely release fish, please see .

Thank you for contacting DFG; please let me know if you have further questions.

Mary Patyten
California Department of Fish and Game
Marine Region Communications and Outreach
(707) 964-5026
Visit the DFG Marine Region Web site at


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