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Sportfishing Oceanside at Helgren's

Come fish with us on the Oceanside 95 and Electra targeting winter Bluefin Tuna still on the chew, Halibut and any other fish willing to bite. Click "Book Now" below for Helgren's current schedule and online booking.

Helgren's Sportfishing Oceanside

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Suggested Bigger Model Bluefin Tuna/Yellows Reels Off San Diego
Shimano Talica 2 - Speed 16
Shimano Talica 2- Speed 12
Accurate Boss Extreme 400 Two Speed
Shimano TLD 30 Two-Speed - Best Price
Shimano TLD Two-Speed 50 440yds/80# Mono
San Diego Rod/Reel Price Range

My choice for tackle Cal Star Graphighter and Deckhand Series rated for 80# here great for the big bluefin combine with the Shimano Talica above or any of the reels in the table above for a great rod/reel combo for larger San Diego big gamefish bluefish tuna being caught as we head into December! Here's direct link to the Cal Star Deckhand Series

The Right Saltwater Fishing Reel For Fishing the Kite

It’s rare to even see a set of these in a tackle shop.  For the most part – you have to special order them directly from Avet or on direct link to Raptor here.  I had the pleasure of fishing a Raptor earlier this year and it would be impossible to describe these reels as anything other than spectacular. These reels are bomb proof, have the toughest drag i’ve seen on a kite fishing reel, and are customized to meet your style requirements.  These reels are HOT! With technical specs like X:X for a retrieve ratio and weighing in at XX – an investment in Avet is the last set of kite fishing reels you will ever buy.

Suggested Tackle: CalStar 800 Deckhand Series

Secure Online Booking All Major Sportfishing Landings

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San Diego Current Fish Species Catch Calendar
Bottom Fishing Surface Fishing
Halibut Yellowtail
Rockcod (Mex) Bonito
Sheephead Calico Bass
Whitefish White Sea Bass
Sculpin Bluefin Tuna
Sand Bass

Multiple Rod/Reel Combos Rigged and Ready!

Shimano Trevalla with a Daiwa Sealine 20 is a great all around saltwater bass, yellowtail and local species. I love my new setup. Buy at Amazon here

Big events happen fast and unforgiving when tuna fishing - the key is to be ready seconds after you hear the angler or deckhand yell hook-up! - If you can have multiple rod/reel fishing combos you can be ready for any change in conditions or fish target when that precious moment hits on troll when an angler yells, "HOOKUUUPPPP!" The boat then does what's called "slide" into nuetral and immediately the Captain calls out to the deckhand how much live bait to pitch to keep the tuna on the surface and biting angler lines who should already have a bait or jig in the water. Timing and teamwork is essential in successfull tuna fishing Southern California stand-up hook and line style. When the Captain calls out on com what size fish are being marked under the boat, the listening angler then picks up and casts the saltwater fishing rod/reel combo right for the bite. Having multiple setups all ready to go is awesome and can mean the difference between that bucket list 150# class Bluefin Tuna ending up in proud pics and on the plate that night over a beer telling the story how glad you are you invested in all this top-quality saltwater fishing tackle this guy Rob at suggested he get! I love helping fellow anglers land those hard to get once in a lifetime fish.